Sometimes, doesn’t it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Whether you juggle work, kids, and school – or you feel like you spend all your free time battling your commute on I-435 – getting good quality sleep can sometimes easily evade you. But what if there are other factors at work regarding your lack of counting sheep? You guessed it: Kansas City sleep apnea and its exhausting symptoms.

If you are already receiving sleep apnea treatment in Kansas City, MO, but want to ensure your everyday lifestyle only adds to it, you have landed in the right place. There are easy changes you can make to your daily routine that can help ease your sleep apnea symptoms and have you sleeping even more soundly.

CPAP Is Not The Only Sleep Apnea Solution

At the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep, your sleep apnea treatment in Kansas City will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Although CPAP has long been considered the gold standard, Dr. Raman offers a comfortable, effective sleep apnea treatment that doesn’t require cumbersome equipment.

As you know, in Kansas City, Missouri, oral appliance therapy involves wearing an orthotic overnight – custom-fitted by Dr. Raman – your sleep apnea dentist in Kansas City. But how does it work? An oral appliance helps to reposition your jaw as you sleep, preventing airway blockage. The result? Less waking up to resume breathing and less snoring throughout the night.

If you are looking to add to the effectiveness of your Kansas City sleep apnea treatment, there are lifestyle changes you can make to alleviate any symptoms. Try any or a combination of the following:

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Having a cocktail close to bedtime further loosens the muscles of your throat, which increases your chances of an airway blockage as you sleep. Avoid alcohol in the later evening to decrease the occurrence of sleep apnea symptoms.

Eat Smaller Meals Before You Snooze

Enjoying a late-night meal can cause throat inflammation, leading to a blockage as you sleep. Being more conscious of your mealtimes can lead to fewer sleep disturbances.

Get In Shape

Losing weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly can greatly improve your sleep apnea symptoms in Kansas City.

Sleep on Your Side

Making it a point to sleep on your side can aid in keeping your airway open as you sleep. This can prevent you from waking up throughout the night due to a lack of oxygen.

Quit Smoking

Just one more reason to put the cigarettes down. Quitting smoking can help decrease your sleep apnea symptoms.

Although the lifestyle changes mentioned above are great ways to improve your sleep apnea symptoms, they are not a cure and cannot replace your sleep apnea treatment.

Get Effective, Non-Invasive Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Raman and his experienced staff at the Raman Center for TMJ and Sleep are fully equipped to transform your sleep and drastically improve your overall well-being. Start receiving treatment from the best sleep apnea dentist in Kansas City, MO. Dr. Raman is ready to gift you a good night’s sleep while improving your health.

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