Thank you for choosing our practice for the diagnosis & treatment of your TMJ disorder and/or sleep apnea. We realize that you spend a tremendous amount of time, travel, and resources to receive leading-edge TMD care from Dr. Raman. So we strive to be as efficient with your time as possible.

When you decide to consult with Dr. Raman, please call our office to discuss the outcome you wish to accomplish on your trip.  Based on that outcome, we can suggest the length of your stay, what can be accomplished in one trip, and the associated fees.  Once the first appointment is set, we will send you the medical history form and TMJ Questionnaire for you to complete.

Before The First Office Visit

Once you have returned the completed medical history and TMJ questionnaire forms, Dr. Raman would call you, usually after our office hours, at a mutually convenient time for a telephone conversation. We want you to feel welcome to our practice. This is an opportunity for a relaxed conversation to find out more about you and your past experiences, discover the outcomes you desire (i.e.) the end results that you seek and clarify any of the answers on the medical history or TMJ questionnaire. This phone call also gives you an opportunity to share your concerns & ask Dr. Raman any questions. Often, guests tell us that this conversation lessened their anxiety and make them feel as though they have known us for a long time.

The First Office Visit

Initial TMD Evaluation & Detailed Set of Diagnostic Tests: 4-4.5 Hours

We believe that getting the correct diagnosis is a huge part of the process….unlike the old days when treatment would get done based, frankly, on guesswork. Doing the wrong treatment is so devastating. So the first visit will take about 4-5 hours of diagnostic testing and examination.

The TMD examination includes an oral examination, muscle/joint palpations, jaw & cervical range of motion, gait analysis, and posture analysis. This will help us identify postural compensation patterns and balance testing to analyze the impact of jaw/neck misalignment on the whole body.

Dr. Raman will perform a detailed set of diagnostic tests to determine the exact mandibular position where the joints and muscles of mandibular and cervical posture could be relaxed. The diagnostic testing includes CT scans of the TM joints (in the closed, protruding, and maximum opening), K7 jaw computer scans (electromyography, mandibular scanning, electro-sonography at presentation & after relaxing the muscles of the jaw, face & neck), diagnosing the optimal Physiologic Neuromuscular relation of the lower jaw to the upper jaw as well as the neck, diagnostic images, mounted casts of the jaws and pulse oximetry.

The Data Analysis: 3 Hours

Dr. Raman will analyze all the information from the diagnostic tests to diagnose the presenting condition, including the discrepancy between the current jaw/neck alignment and the optimal one. This ‘gap’ reveals the available treatment options to achieve optimal structural alignment, which, in turn, would facilitate the physiology to regain normalcy leading to the resolution of your symptoms.

Detailed Consultation: 60-90 Minutes

Once Dr. Raman has analyzed all of the data derived from the tests, he will provide detailed consultation and answer any questions you have. He strongly believes that it is his responsibility to thoroughly educate the patient on their condition and its implications. Dr. Raman will present all treatment options as well as their associated consequences so you can make an informed treatment decision.

Given the amount of time required to gather and analyze data, determine a diagnosis, and present the applicable treatment options, we typically dedicate a full day to our out-of-town guests (usually on Fridays). However, we are happy to make arrangements for other weekdays in order to accommodate your schedule.

Travel Arrangements

We are located 13 miles southeast of Kansas City International Airport (MCI). All major airlines fly into MCI. Due to the proximity to the airport, we have many choices of hotels if you want to stay close to the office.

Hotels near the airport – MCI 

If you would like to stay near shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, you can stay at the Country Club Plaza.

Hotels near Country Club Plaza

If you are traveling by car from the North via I-35, hotels near the City of Liberty are a good place.

Hotels in Liberty 

If you need any assistance, please give us a call at (816) 436-4422.