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I sincerely appreciate your confidence in me and trusting us with the TMD care of your patient.  Please fill in the form below or download the referral sheet PDF file.

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Our dental school education gave us minimal training on treating TMD beyond night guards. The Journal of the California Dental Association invited 4 TMD experts from around the country who had different approaches to TMD which was published as an award-winning issue.  Link here:  CDA Paper

This paper gives a good explanation of my treatment approach.  The example in this paper was an orthodontic case. There are other non-surgical treatment options available as well.

Also, here is a link to my article in Dentistry Today.

There are also many case histories on my YouTube channel which you may find interesting that show different treatment options. They illustrate that the PNMD approach may solve many more whole-body problems than jaw and TMJ-related symptoms.

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