Dr. Prabu Raman, TMJ & Sleep Apnea dentist in Kansas City

We are a Neuromuscular dental practice devoted to helping people live pain-free lives and sleep better. We are known for our exceptional customer service. At Raman Center for TMJ and Sleep, we are dedicated to two ideals: the comfort of our guests and the endless pursuit of the latest advancements in dental technology.

Prabu Raman, DDS, MICCMO, LVIM, is a dedicated dentist who devotes much of his time to the search for excellence in his profession. He has been practicing in Kansas City since 1983. A graduate of William Jewell College, The University of Missouri Kansas City, School of Dentistry, and Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he served as a featured speaker, Senior Clinical Instructor, and Regional Director.

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His memberships include:

Lecturer / Teacher

Dr Raman teaches live patient and lecture courses on Aesthetics and TMD treatment. He served for 12 years as a Clinical Instructor & Featured speaker for The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Raman has lectured on TMD treatment in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia and throughout the USA. He was selected by the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs as a TMD Expert to participate in the Science Forum at 2011 ADA annual meeting.

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Continuing education is an invaluable part of any medical professional’s life, and Dr. Prabu Raman of Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep is an excellent example of how much a community may benefit from the insight of one of its members. If you are looking for a pioneer in the field of Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry, look no further than Dr. Prabu Raman, who has been an innovator and educator in this dynamic field for many decades.

Dr. Raman is a Fellow of the International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics, a Fellow of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, and has devoted his career to diagnosing and treating disorders of the TMJ and sleep disorders. Dr. Raman is also a member of the American Dental Association and the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. Being active in many professional organizations has allowed Dr. Raman to stay current on the most exciting advances in neuromuscular and sleep dentistry.

In continued efforts to understand the complex, fascinating relationship between jaw dysfunction, sleep dysfunction, and whole-body health, Dr. Raman is thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with other professionals who have like-minded interests.

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker at your next function, please contact Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentist Dr. Prabu Raman at Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep by calling (816) 436-4422.

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If you’re involved in a legal claim that requires the expert testimony of a pre-eminent neuromuscular dentist, please look no further than Dr. Prabu Raman of Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep. For decades, Dr. Raman has been a pioneer, innovator, and educator in the dynamic field of Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry, and he has a great deal of experience providing expert, honest, reliable testimony to accident victims in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Dr. Raman is also willing to travel and often makes trips around the country to help people just like you who are in need of expert testimony to support their legal claims.

If you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may need someone of Dr. Raman’s experience and expertise to explain to a judge or jury what your injuries are and how they have affected your life. If you have suffered due to medical malpractice, Dr. Raman can speak to other doctors and dentists to explain what has happened to you. Even more importantly, Dr. Raman has a unique ability to explain very complicated medical concepts in a language everyone can understand. He knows his audience and is gifted at imparting his knowledge in a compassionate, sincere fashion.

Dr. Raman’s affiliation with many professional organizations related to his field only adds to his appeal as a reliable, knowledgeable witness. Here are just a few of the associations of which Dr. Raman is an active member or Fellow:

  • American Dental Association
  • International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO)
  • American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry
  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

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