Jaw misalignment and other TMJ-related issues can be a literal headache for anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with the symptom. Alex is beloved patient of ours who, until seeking treatment with our practice, was plagued by head, neck and shoulder problems. With Dr. Raman’s help, she was able to recover her quality of life and find relief.



Dr. Prabu Raman

A young mother and farmer’s wife, Alex struggled with severe neck pain, burning headaches, and shoulder muscle cramps due to Cervical Dystonia (CD). This condition severely impacted her quality of life, making it impossible for her to drive or look straight ahead. Despite numerous visits to medical specialists and treatments with Botox® injections, Alex found little relief. Even if it had given any relief, it would have been only for 3 months of ‘management’ of symptoms. When Botox is no longer able to manage CD symptoms, the next step can be surgical implantation of a Brain stimulator, also to manage symptoms. This discouraged her and her husband, Colton, who had to manage their farm, livestock, and care for their toddler while driving Alex to her medical appointments.

A Source of Hope

The journey to recovery led Alex to the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep in Kansas City, a significant commitment given the over two-hour drive each way. Colton supported Alex through her initial TMD evaluation, diagnostic tests, and the commencement of Phase 1 treatment with a PNM Fixed orthotic. This commitment reflected their hope for a better quality of life and Alex’s desperate need for relief.

Dr. Raman’s orthotic treatment addresses TMJ disorders. Poor jaw alignment always affects the neck as well, a more accurate term is Cranio Cervical Mandibular Dysfunction (CCMD). His Raman CCMD protocol corrects both jaw and neck misalignments. This was significantly different from the traditional treatments Alex had previously undergone. Correcting the structural misalignment, the aim is to correct the cause rather than manage the symptoms. This technology and treatment method were pivotal in improving Alex’s condition.

Treatment Outcome

Reflecting on Alex’s case, Dr. Raman shared, “Coming to Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep in Kansas City, over 2 hours’ drive each way, meant basically a whole day off. But Colton took the time to bring Alex for her initial TMD evaluation, diagnostic tests, and phase 1 treatment. He was glad to do what he could to support Alex and help her. That spousal support is so helpful.”

Within weeks of starting the Phase 1 treatment, Alex experienced a remarkable improvement. Her neck pain diminished significantly, her burning headaches completely resolved, and her shoulder muscle cramps and neck range of motion improved drastically. Most importantly, Alex regained the ability to drive and look straight ahead, bringing a newfound independence. The success of Phase 1 treatment allowed them to proceed to Phase 2 Neuromuscular Orthodontic treatment, focusing on improving the upper arch and optimizing the jaw position, a process expected to span over three years.

Begin Your Pathway to Recovery

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