Terra patient storyThe journey to rectifying TMJ disorders is often misdirected, laden with a common misconception that symptoms such as painless jaw clicking are normal. However, as Terra, a resident of Minneapolis, discovered, neglecting these early signs can lead to a more severe manifestation of TMJ disorders. For years, Terra was reassured by her dentists that her painless jaw popping was nothing to fret about until the day her jaw locked up, propelling her into a relentless quest for a solution. She was informed by an Orofacial Pain specialist that she needed TMJ surgery for her jaw lock. After 3 surgeries of both TMJ’s within 3 months, she was in worse shape than ever.

Identifying the Problem

Terra’s debilitating trio of symptoms, jaw-locking, vertigo, and tinnitus, significantly impaired her daily life, urging a need for effective medical intervention.

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Choosing a Treatment Path

Turning away from another surgical recommendation to replace both TM joints with prosthetic joints, Terra found Dr. Raman, who diagnosed her with Cranio Cervical Mandibular Dysfunction (CCMD). Through the unique “Raman CCMD Protocol,” Terra embarked on a Physiologic NeuroMuscular Dental (PNMD) procedure, aiming to rectify her jaw and neck alignment.

Central to her treatment was a PNMD Fixed orthotic designed to realign her jaw 24/7. This device and precise computerized diagnostics like surface Electromyography were instrumental in Terra’s recovery journey.

Treatment Outcome

In the initial treatment phase, Terra experienced significant symptom relief: a 90% reduction in vertigo, 30% in tinnitus, and total relief from chronic headaches. Transitioning to phase 2, she reported a 40% overall improvement, illuminating the PNMD treatment’s transformative potential not just for her but also hinting at a promising non-surgical solution for severe TMJ sufferers.

“After 3 TM Joint surgeries within three months, Terra was in a great deal of pain as well as disabling vertigo and other symptoms. She did not want the recommended surgery to replace both TM Joints with artificial ones. It was beyond belief for her that within a few weeks of treatment, her symptoms greatly improved with PNMD treatment. Terra is getting her life back. This is why we do what we do,” reflects Dr. Raman, underscoring the profound impact of the PNMD treatment in not just alleviating pain but restoring hope and the promise of a better quality of life for Terra and potentially for many others grappling with TMJ disorders.

Patient Perspective

Terra entered this therapeutic journey with modest expectations, considering her previous unfruitful experiences with surgeries. However, the rapid alleviation of her symptoms left her stunned. The substantial relief she experienced was nothing short of a revelation, rekindling her belief in a life free from the shackles of TMJ disorders. Terra’s narrative is a profound testament to the efficacy of the Physiologic Neuro Muscular Dental (PNMD) treatment, which eased her physical ailments and significantly improved her quality of life, embodying a beacon of hope for others facing similar daunting TMJ challenges.