Jaw Misalignment


Russell after treatmentMy name is Russell. As the owner of a tile work company, I meet with interior designers, home builders and home or business owner clients every day. I am known for the creative and artistic ideas in using natural stones and tiles. Even though my friends know me as a friendly and fun-loving guy, I seldom smiled when I met people. Usually, I hid my mouth with my hands. I did not think that I was making the best first impression. I was very embarrassed about the way my teeth looked. I have lost many of my back teeth. Many of my front teeth were worn down to gum line. My profile looked a bit collapsed and made me look older.

Dentists have told me that the only way they knew to fix my smile is to remove all the remaining teeth and make dentures. I did not want to feel old with dentures. So I did not go with that plan.

When I came to Raman Center to do tile work, I noticed dozens of smile pictures showcasing Dr. Raman’s artistry. I wanted to see if he can do that for me also. Dr. Raman assured me that he can – without pulling any teeth! He also asked me if I had any pain in my shoulders and neck. I did have shoulder and neck pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor for years to help with that. I always thought that is due to doing the physical work of laying tiles for 20 years. Dr. Raman asked if I had any pain or tingling down my right arm or had difficulties with the grip strength of my right hand. I did have those problems. I could not pick up the power tools as I used to be able to. Again, I thought it was due to 20 years of physical work.

Dr. Raman tested my arm strength. I am not a small person. Yet my arm was weak. Then he quickly realigned the way my teeth came together with an estimated bite. When he retested my arm strength just a few minutes later, my arm strength was much improved. I thought it was weird. How could he make that kind of an improvement that quickly? How did he know that I had shoulder pain, neck pain and weakness in the arm? Dr. Raman was not like any other dentist I knew. I thought dentists just worked on teeth!

Because of the way I had ground down my teeth, I understood that my bite needed to be changed. Dr. Raman explained to me that if we did not set the bite where the jaw muscles needed to be, then I would damage the porcelain work like I did to my own teeth. It made sense. So I went ahead with the treatment to correct my smile and bite.

In just a few hours, my bite was changed and my trial smile was set to the proper jaw alignment. Wow! I could not believe how much better the temporaries looked. After a few weeks I received the porcelain bonded to my teeth. Amazing! My new smile makes me look easily 10 years younger. My self confidence is much better. I don’t have to hide behind my hands. My true, friendly personality is coming out when I meet some one.

The best part is, my neck and shoulder pains are gone. There in no tingling down the arm. My grip strength is great. What a bonus on top of a great smile. Many, many thanks.

Russell O’Kane

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closeup of teeth before treatment with Dr. Raman, TMJ and sleep apnea dentist in Kansas CIty
closeup of teeth before treatment with Dr. Raman, TMJ and sleep apnea dentist in Kansas CIty
closeup view of teeth after extraction
closeup view of teeth after extraction