Jaw Pain & Lockjaw

Quynn is a young woman who suffered from TMJ disorder. She embarked on a transformative journey under the care of our physiologic neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Prabu Raman. Her story is a testament to the power of innovative treatment methods and the expertise of dedicated professionals.

Meet Quynn

For half a decade, Quynn endured the debilitating effects of poor jaw alignment, also known as TMJ disorder. Her daily life was marred by constant jaw pain and frequent jaw locks. The distress didn’t end there; she also experienced symptoms like headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, and fatigue. These symptoms, though seemingly unrelated, were all connected to her jaw alignment issues. Before discovering Dr. Raman, Quynn had sought relief through various treatments, including 18 months of splint therapy, tongue tie release, and lip tie release by a TMJ dentist. Unfortunately, these treatments failed to provide the lasting relief she desperately sought. Her story is one of triumph and relief and a cautionary tale for those experiencing similar symptoms, emphasizing the importance of finding the right specialist.

“Quynn had been suffering miserably with constant jaw pain and jaw locks for 5 years. After 18 months of splint therapy, tongue tie release, and lip tie release by a TMJ dentist, the problems were not solved. But within minutes after starting phase 1, PNM fixed orthotic, the jaw locks stopped. Not just her jaw pain but also many other symptoms like headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, fatigue, etc., that other doctors did not connect to jaw alignment were also resolved very quickly. The difference was “Raman CCMD Protocol” for diagnosing and treating jaw / neck alignment problems.” – Dr. Prabu Raman.

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Quynn’s Treatment Journey

Quynn’s treatment journey with Dr. Raman was both comprehensive and transformative. TMJ treatment can be divided into two distinct phases:

Phase I – Physiologic NeuroMuscular Fixed Orthotic: Dr. Raman employed a non-surgical method, placing a Physiologic NeuroMuscular Fixed Orthotic over the teeth of Quynn’s lower jaw. This orthotic, akin to an orthopedic cast that aids in healing broken bones, was worn every second of every day for a 90-day period. The purpose of this phase was twofold: therapeutic, to promote healing, and diagnostic, to ensure significant symptom resolution. The unique Raman CCMD Protocol was instrumental in diagnosing the optimal jaw and neck alignment, which the fixed orthotic then maintained. Remarkably, 93% of long-term chronic pain patients, like Quynn, experience significant relief within this 90-day window.

Phase II – TMD Dental Treatments: Phase II TMD treatment options offer non-surgical solutions to either maintain or further enhance the improvements achieved Phase 1. This phase can involve:

  • A Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling (CAD/CAM) orthotic to stabilize the jaw.
  • Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics/Orthodontics to correct the jaw shape and reposition the teeth, bone, and gum support. This process, aimed at achieving optimal jaw and neck alignment, typically spans over 3 years.
  • An option for Full-mouth reconstruction over approximately 12 months, addressing both appearance and function.

Treatment Outcome

From Quynn’s perspective, the treatment was nothing short of miraculous. After years of suffering and failed treatments, she finally found relief. The cessation of her jaw locks was almost immediate, and the other symptoms – the headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, and fatigue – dissipated quickly. Quynn reported these percentages in pain reduction within only 30 days of Phase 1 treatment:

  • Jaw pain: Improved by 80%.
  • Neck pain: Improved by 60%.
  • Shoulder pain: Improved by 60%.
  • Headaches: Improved by 80%.

She regained her quality of life, all thanks to Dr. Raman’s expertise and the groundbreaking “Raman CCMD Protocol.” Quynn shared that her expectations for improvement were quite low. She had seen so many doctors; this was just another doctor to see. It blew her mind to experience so much relief so quickly.