Frequent Severe Migraine Headaches


Natalie After treatmenI was diagnosed with TMD at the age of 7 after seeing multiple specialists for migraine headaches. This led to orthodontic treatment complete with teeth extractions, braces for four years, a headgear and retainers. The frequency of my migraine headaches lessened and for the first time in my life, I thought I was healed. During my senior year in high school, I began having sporadic instances of jaw dislocations. I would unconsciously open or yawn too large and my jaw would come out socket of and lock open. It was extremely painful and traumatic and would require an emergency room visit for a doctor to administer IV pain medication and set it back into place. I finally contacted Dr. Raman after getting contradictory information from various “TMJ specialists” and misdiagnoses.

When I first called the office, Amy talked on the phone with me for nearly an hour really paying attention to my medical history, past medical and dental experiences, and various pain and problems I was having. I got in for an appointment and began treatment the very next week. Within a week after getting my orthotic, my symptoms had lessened. When it was time to move onto Phase II, I was virtually pain and complaint free. After some consideration, I moved forward on the orthodontic path thinking that I could definitely handle braces as an adult since I had them as a kid and survived fine. I had braces for one week and I knew I could not stand to wear them again for the required two or three years. Dr. Raman and the entire staff were extremely patient with me and took the braces off the next available appointment. My only other option was to have full-mouth restoration done to correct my bite and alleviate my jaw joint and muscles. I proceeded on that track and was very particular with how I wanted my teeth to look. I loved my own teeth prior to treatment, and I wanted to retain the character that they gave me. Dr. Raman worked extremely hard to grant all of my requests and was tolerant of all my questions and concerns. He genuinely wanted to make me feel assured and relaxed that everything would be okay. He even made special arrangements to let me “preview” what I would look like before any permanent change to my teeth. The entire staff made me feel so comfortable and calm throughout my treatment.

I has been one year since I first came to Dr. Raman’s office and I can honestly say that I can go along with my life without worrying about where I’ll be if my jaw locks open, or if there is a hospital near by, just in case. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication the staff gave to me and their authentic concern for my health and well being. Amy, Jan, Melissa and Dr. Raman treated me not as a patient, but as a member of the family. Most importantly, I have a beautiful smile and healthy jaw.