Shoulder Pain / Neck Pain / Jaw Pain


Lisa after treatmentLisa S. was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, migraines and chronic fatigue, insomnia and intestinal disorders. She had difficulty concentrating and had a history of clenching/grinding.

She suffered with

  1. shoulder pain
  2. neck pain
  3. forehead pain
  4. back pain
  5. jaw pain / jaw locking
  6. headaches

These symptoms started from teenage years and got worse around 1990. She had right TM joint surgery in 1993 and had sinus surgery. She has been taking prescription medications for years to control the pain, have seen internist, endocrinologist, rheumatogist, physical therapists, chiropractors and had trigger point injections from a pain clinic. She wore an NTI device at night made by her dentist. Yet she was in pain.

Lisa finally found us in 2006 on the web and sought help. Understandably, her husband was reluctant to believe that dentistry can help, when all other doctors had not so far.

Yet, with a fixed orthotic made to her Neuromuscular bite relation, the symptoms improved almost immediately. Within 3 months she was 75% symptom free. Then braces were used to correct the teeth angulations and full mouth bonded porcelain restorations were used to finish the correction. She has been 90% symptom free ever since. The improvement in her smile was just a bonus!

No jaw surgery. No more drugs!

Success Story

“I had previous treatment which included surgery on my right TMJ….(which)..did not provide long-term relief and actually caused additional complications…I have spend many years and large amounts of time and money on treatment and medications to relieve the pain and discomfort….After treatment with Dr. Raman, I am doing so much better! The pain in my jaw, temples and head is gone. My jaw no longer locks open when I yawn. My bite is stable and I don’t feel or hear the clicking in my jaw when my mouth is opening and closing. The pain in my shoulder, neck and back has been reduced to a level that is allowing me to hold down a job again…

Dr. Raman has given my life back! I can now smile everywhere I go because I feel good and my teeth look so beautiful! Everyone in the practice is so kind, caring, professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend treatment by Dr. Prabu Raman.”

— Lisa S. February 2008