Ear Congestion

Lana N.

Lana after treatment Lana N. never mentioned her ear symptoms to us. After all, as we later found out, she had them all of her life. Over the years she has consulted and been treated by several ENT specialists, but never had the ear symptoms resolve.

So, of course, she did not even think of mentioning her ear symptoms to a dentist! Besides, as far as she was concerned, nothing could be done about it. She will just live with it her whole life. Or… will she?

There were several other signs and symptoms of TMD that were readily apparent to us. So the treatment was aimed at these other symptoms. But Lana was amazed to find complete relief of her ear symptoms and was extremely interested in learning of the scientific neurological explanation of why her ear symptoms were relived.

Actually, it is quite common for folks to either forget to mention a long standing symptom or to censor their symptom history to leave out those that they cannot possibly see a connection to jaw alignment problems.

Here are the two success stories written by Lana:

“Prior to (treatment) …by Dr. Raman, my ears always felt full and closed up and I continually worried I was going to get an earache and my ears were something always on my mind.

Since (the treatment)…my ears feel open and don’t have the feeling of being under pressure and I don’t think about my ears constantly as I had before…

Thank you Dr. Raman.

Lana N.

Oct 8, 2005

Almost a year later, Lana is amazed that her ear symptoms have stayed away still. Now it is easier for her to believe that the relief is real?not a temporary thing. After all the years of suffering and all the time and money spent with ENT physicians, she calls us “miracle workers”!

She wrote another success story:

“I have had ear aches since I was a girl. I have gone to umpteen doctors to get some relief but with very little results.

(The treatment by) Dr. Raman… has finally given me relief from my ear aches.

Lana N.

August 5, 2006