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Deb after treatmentMy name is Deb and I live in Topeka, Kansas. I am a single mom and a survivor of domestic abuse. I was diagnosed with TMD at the age of 47. I wore a night guard for many years to help protect my teeth from the wear and tear I was inflicting by clenching my teeth at night. I also suffered from ear pain, stuffiness, tinnitus and severe neck pain for more than 10 years. Doctors attributed this to the many blows to my head and a stressful life.

After the tragic death of my father in 1998, I started having severe migraine headaches. The first one I ever experienced landed me in the hospital not knowing what had just happened to me. I had numbness on the left side of my face and slurred speech. I had no control of my left arm and my vision was so blurred I could not drive. The doctors said that I could have possibly had a mini stroke or was suffering from migraine headaches. I was put on many different medications and began to suffer 2 to 3 migraines a month. Some so severe that I could not stop vomiting and had to be admitted to the hospital. For 6 years I continued to take medication and pray that one day they would just go away.

In 2004 my mother died very unexpectedly and I suffered one of the worst migraines I had ever had. I was taken to the hospital and medicated and released. When I got home I collapsed and was unresponsive to emergency technicians. Come to find out I had been over medicated and was near death. It was then that my jaw started locking shut and I could no longer open my mouth to eat or even brush my teeth. The popping and grinding in my jaw was unbearable and embarrassing. I visited my dentist, orthodontist and chiropractor. They all told me that I had TMJ. The chiropractor suggested treatment with acupuncture and my dentist and orthodontist offered to make me another night guard. They both recommended that I see a specialist. I decided that I needed to get to the root of the problem if I wanted to improve the quality of my life.

No one seemed to know of a doctor in my area so I took to the internet. I put all of my symptoms in the search engine and up came Dr. Raman’s website. As I began to read I soon discovered that I was not alone and the majority of the symptoms I was experiencing were related to TMD. The next day I called and made an appointment to see Dr. Raman. After the initial testing, Dr. Raman assured me that he could help me. I was soon fitted with a fixed orthotic on my bottom teeth and within a week or so I began to feel 80% better. I started seeing an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Topeka and over the next four to five months I remained migraine free and the jaw and ear pain started to decrease.

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closeup of female patient's teeth before extraction for help with TMJ and jaw pain with Dr. Raman in Kansas City
closeup view of teeth after TMJ and sleep dentist Dr. Raman was able to offer treatment