It’s no secret that spending time out in nature benefits your overall health. Whether you want to clear your mind and improve your mental health or get your body back in shape, there is no shortage of outdoor spaces to enjoy in the City of Fountains.

There’s nothing like a scenic hike at the local Parkville Nature Sanctuary, but what if your jaw issues have you wanting to crawl back into bed? This isn’t ideal for your emotional, mental, or physical well-being – especially if your Kansas City TMJ symptoms can’t seem to give you a much-needed break. 

TMJ Symptoms Can Become Debilitating To Daily Life

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull. Located behind each of the ears, it functions like a sliding hinge allowing you to move your jaw and mouth to chew, eat, and even speak. When this joint becomes irritated or malfunctions in any way, it leads to TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which causes painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Luckily, Dr. Prabu Raman of the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep offers the most effective, non-invasive TMJ treatment in Kansas City.

Phase I TMJ Treatment Can Be Life-Changing

Dr. Raman utilizes a non-surgical Phase I TMJ treatment method – Physiologic NeuroMuscular Fixed Orthotic over the teeth of your lower jaw to ease your TMJ symptoms and vastly improve your everyday life.  This is a reversible step to help you heal (therapeutic) and to be assured that it resolves your symptoms significantly (diagnostic) within 90 days.

Just as an orthopedic cast helps to heal broken bones, you function with this Fixed orthotic every second of every day for this 90-day period.  This is a critical difference in the treatment approach. Pain Management specialist physicians believe that chronic pain is for life and can only be “managed.” But through our unique Raman CCMD Protocol of diagnosing the optimal jaw and neck alignment (which is maintained by this Fixed orthotic), 93% of long-term chronic pain patients get significant relief within 90 days.

During this time, the alignment continues to be refined as your posture and tongue function improve. There are 7% of patients who do not report significant improvement in their symptoms within 90 days. For those unfortunate patients whose chronic pain is too ingrained to resolve, the fixed orthotic is removed to put them back in the same position as they presented. At least no harm is done with this irreversible procedure as there would be with jaw surgeries or teeth adjustments.

When It’s Time for Phase II TMJ Treatment 

For the 93% who have a significant resolution of symptoms, phase II non-surgical options are offered to either keep the improvement or further improve the symptom relief by changing the shape of the upper arch. Phase I treatment is done within the limitations of the presenting narrow, crooked upper arch, but in phase II, we have the ability to correct the upper arch, too.

Dr. Raman will custom-design a TMJ treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Your Kansas City TMJ phase II treatment may include the following:

  1. Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling (CAD/CAM) orthotic to stabilize the jaw.
  2. Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics to correct the jaw shape and move the teeth along with their bone and gum support to a position where your own natural teeth are supporting the optimal jaw and neck position. Correcting the jaw and neck position takes 3 years or more.
  3. Correcting your arch shape but finishing with Full-mouth reconstruction is also an option to relieve the painful symptoms of TMJ. This option takes about 12 months and corrects appearance as well as function.

Whatever treatment option you choose, Dr. Raman will help relieve your symptoms of TMJ and have you on the fast track to overall wellness. Dr. Raman is the most experienced and skilled TMJ dentist in Kansas City because of his thorough and advanced knowledge of Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry, which focuses on the importance of your teeth, muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons, and joints functioning together for a balanced bite and overall oral health. At the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep, you are in the hands of a dental team that is highly experienced and well-versed in the most advanced TMJ treatment in the industry.

Start Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment For Necessary Relief

If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ and want to take the next step in your Kansas City TMJ treatment, Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep is the place to be. Don’t hesitate to trust Dr. Raman – your Kansas City TMJ dentist – with your jaw and oral health. His success rate of happy, pain-free patients speaks for itself!

Get started today by calling (816) 436-4422 to schedule an appointment or use our online form. Don’t let TMJ symptoms hold you back another day – tackle them head-on at the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep!