If one of your family’s favorite things is visiting the Kansas City Zoo, you’re in good company. Who doesn’t love witnessing the orangutans interact or watching the stingrays swim past majestically? But if the slow-moving kind is more your thing, you may already know that the KC Zoo added a sloth exhibit in 2019, including one two-toed named Arnie.

Although beyond adorable (and fascinating), if you are as sleepy and slow-moving during the day as our friend Arnie, it may be your sleep apnea at work. Luckily, if you wear your oral appliance at night, you may already see a vast improvement in your sleep apnea symptoms.

Kansas City Sleep Apnea Treatment Works Wonders

Dr. Prabu Raman of the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep knows a thing or two about treating sleep apnea effectively. With 40 years of experience practicing neuromuscular dentistry in Kansas City, Dr. Raman has dedicated decades of his career to mastering the art of how the jaw, teeth, muscles, and ligaments of the face contribute to a healthy bite and optimum oral health.

Dr. Raman utilizes oral appliance therapy in Kansas City, MO., as a treatment option for sleep apnea. Your custom-designed orthotic will feel comfortable – not cumbersome – as you sleep, and you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask all night (unlike CPAP.) This Kansas City sleep apnea treatment repositions your jaw forward, preventing airway blockage.

But how should you ensure that your oral appliance stays in mint condition? All it takes is cleaning and some care.

Caring For Your Oral Appliance Is Vital

You wear your oral appliance nightly and want to keep it clean. Think about it – you want anything you put in your mouth to be sanitary. Your sleep apnea treatment is no exception.

Taking care of your oral appliance is simple and won’t take much time out of your busy schedule. Follow these simple tips:

  • Brush your teeth before wearing your appliance nightly.
  • Clean your oral appliance each morning with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • DO NOT use toothpaste to clean your appliance – as this can cause scratches.
  • Use room-temperature water with mild dish soap, vinegar with water, or a small portion of denture cleaner to disinfect your oral appliance.
  • Always keep your oral out of extreme heat and direct sunlight for an extended time.

Utilizing these tips will make your sleep apnea treatment in Kansas City, Missouri, much easier and more efficient! So you can catch more z’s.

Stop Losing Sleep – Starting Today!

Dr. Raman and his caring staff at the Raman Center for TMJ & Sleep understand the value of good quality sleep. It is priceless. Sleep apnea treatment from Kansas City, MO’s best sleep apnea dentist Dr. Raman is the gift that keeps giving – and there is no time like the present!

Call (816) 436-4422 to schedule an appointment or use our online form. Trust us at the Raman Center for TMJ and Sleep to get your sleep back on schedule.